Jahr: 2021

Leistungen: UX & UI Design, Entwicklung, Video, Werbematerialien

StructuredWeb provides companies with a scalable and flexible platform for channel marketing automation. Our collaboration began in 2021, when StructuredWeb asked us to redesign their brand identity. In a very short time, we were able to support StructuredWeb in almost all areas, from the design and development of the new website to the creation of newsletters, promotional materials and social media campaigns.


We produce a wide range of promotional materials for StructuredWeb, including white papers, sales sheets, newsletters and PowerPoint presentations.


Design for rollup banners for use at trade shows and events.


We have developed a new modular email template for StructuredWeb that can be used for both individual marketing emails and system emails.

Social Media

We have designed several templates for social media campaigns on LinkedIn and other social media channels.


StructuredWeb commissioned us to completely revamp their brand presence. For this purpose, we developed an individual design system that, among other things, is based on widgets and dashboards of the existing file system and modernizes them. Starting with StructuredWeb's blue, we developed a new color palette that is reflected in all the media we created.


We have developed a set of static and animated advertising banners for StructuredWeb.


StructuredWeb needed animations to create an explainer video, a request we were happy to accommodate.