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Year: 2019 – Today

Deliverables: UX and UI Design, Development, WordPress Integration, API Integration, Animation

valantic creates software and digital process solutions that customers use to achieve strategic advantages over their competitors. After a joint, successful relaunch, we maintain and operate the valantic website, which now has several thousand pages in four languages. Everything in close coordination with the international web team that takes care of the website editorially. This works effortlessly on the basis of WordPress and Flexible Content Layouts by Advanced Custom Fields.


With the Digital.Now Magazine, we have created a platform for digital topics that generates traffic to the website through current topics. The glossary adds important keywords to the magazine and improves the internal link structure.

Career portal

With the new career portal, we have seamlessly integrated the application process from “SAP SuccessFactors” into the website. The goal: to make the application process as simple and smooth as possible. All job postings are imported and updated into WordPress via the SAP API. We send incoming applications back to the SAP system via another interface.

Sales tools

In addition to the marketing website, we also design and develop sales tools such as the "CX Readiness Check", in which a self-assessment of the degree of digitization of customer experiences is determined with the help of a series of questions. We designed and programmed the entire process, including a final evaluation.


To represent processes, we develop animations for valantic, which, for example, visualize complex processes and explain them in an understandable way.