seitenweise is a digital creative agency based in Germany. We are all about people, process and making better digital experiences.

At seitenweise, we love clients with energy, open minds, and a desire to do the best for their customers. That’s why we craft digital experiences with a human-centred approach that create better customer relationships and new revenue streams for our clients.

Design & User Experience

Design is so much more than process where we make things pretty. It’s the result of hundreds of aesthetic decisions, driven by data, fact, and experience.

Technology Development

We build websites that work well and retain their value. But our developers are also problem-solvers who go way beyond just making things look good in a browser.

Content & Engagement

Communicating across the most direct-to-consumer platforms on the planet through the combined efforts of creatives and strategists.

Filmmaking & Photography

Video, illustration, animation, photography, and everything in between – we create content from concept to shoot, all the way through final delivery.